Social Distance - how far should we stay apart

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Special thanks to Dr Alex for contributing to this article, from his simulation, we can clearly visualise the impact of social distance and aware of the microenvironment we might be potentially exposed to:

Dr. Alex Lee Managing Director, Tian Building Engineering (SG)

During the #COVID19, one of the new terms is "#Socialdistancing", government suggests 1m apart, and let's discuss how does the virus transmit between individuals.

Through the #simulation, Tian Building Engineering build 3D model to simulate the virus transmission during the normal exhale and sneezing effects:

When exhaling (1m distance):

When sneezing (1m distance):

At normal condition, exhale may be limited at 1m apart, but surely 1m is not sufficient for sneeze case.

The following simulation is done using OpenFoam with MPPICfoam solver to emulate the flow field and particles ejected from the nostrils during a sneezing process:

Note that the particle diameter is not only one value, but varies from 2 micron to 316 micron with average value of 74,4 micron.

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